The specialists in Laser & Tube Cutting, CNC Bending and Precision Finishing

Our main objective is to enhance customer satisfaction by using the latest laser cutting technology and providing precision quality and outstanding service. Our primary function is laser profiling of sheet metal and as a value-added service we offer CNC bending facilities. We service customers in the fields of machine building, fabrication, agricultural, general engineering, architectural, automotive, marine, decorative, signage, shop fitting etc – we set the quality benchmark.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

  • Maximum sheet size 4000mm x 2000mm
  • Mild Steel up to 25,0mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 16,0mm
  • Aluminium up to 12,0mm
  • Brass up to 4,5mm
  • Copper up to 3mm
Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting

  • Round: 16mm to 305mm
  • Square Tube: 16 x 16mm to 254 x 254mm
  • Rectangular Tube: 20 x 30mm to 150 x 250mm
  • Open Sections: Lip channel, I-beams and angle iron also possible
  • Cutting head capability: 2D/3D Cutting
  • Lengths up to 12,5 meters in and 12 meters out
  • Load capacity of 60kg/m
  • Mild Steel 1.2mm to 12.0 mm
  • Stainless Steel 1.2mm to 8.0 mm
  • Aluminium 1.2mm to 3 mm
CNC Bending

CNC Bending

  • Maximum force – 150 tonnes
  • Maximum length – 3100mm
  • 6-axis control
  • Angle Measuring System
  • Hydraulic Crowning
  • Full 3D development software



  • Maximum width - 1300mm
  • From 60 to 240 grit finish


  • Customers are welcome to supply their own material.
  • Free delivery service in surrounding areas.
Schuurman Lasercut - 24 Hour Express Services

In a hurry? Try our 24 hr Express Service

This service has been set up to help you get urgent parts cut for sampling,
prototypes, maintenance or breakdowns within a 24-hour period.


Our Advantage


High quality cut edges.

Fine and intricate detail can be cut where normally impossible using conventional manufacturing techniques.

Special and Hardened materials which are difficult to cut by other methods, can be laser cut.

Repeatable accuracy and tolerances up to +/- 0,1mm.

No mechanical distortion.

Non contact cutting minimises scratching of materials.

Bend lines or hole positions can be engraved.


Tooling costs are eliminated (including maintenance costs).

Without the need to tool up, short production runs become viable.

Close nesting of parts enables more economic use of materials and reduces wastage.

Flexibility on design changes.

Minimize assembly costs with tab-and-slot part design (eliminates welding jigs).


With smart bending designs, a thinner gauge material can be used for the same strength.

Minimise welding with accurately bent corners and save costs.

Shorter assembly time.