Laser Cutting

Technical Advantages

  • High quality cut edges.
  • Fine and intricate detail can be cut where normally impossible using conventional manufacturing techniques.
  • Special and Hardened materials which are difficult to cut by other methods, can be laser cut.
  • Repeatable accuracy and tolerances up to +/- 0,1mm.
  • No mechanical distortion.
  • Non contact cutting minimises scratching of materials.
  • Bend lines or hole positions can be engraved.

Cost Advantages

  • Tooling costs are eliminated (including maintenance costs).
  • Without the need to tool up, short production runs become viable.
  • Close nesting of parts enables more economic use of materials and reduces wastage.
  • Flexibility on design changes.
  • Minimize assembly costs with tab-and-slot part design (eliminates welding jigs).


  • Thinner gauge material can be used for the same strength. With smart bending designs, a thinner gauge material can be used for the same strength.
  • Minimise welding with accurately bent corners and save costs.
  • Shorter assembly time.